Friday, July 6, 2012

#NAIDOCBlogs done for 2012 and the "Blues" have it.

Wow! What a great week it's been for Deadly Bloggers. So many fantastic #NAIDOCBlogs. I'm really excited about the possibilities that this week has bought in raising the profile of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander blogs to a diverse audience.

Today's NAIDOC posts - 

  • The Brown Couch, which is the official blog of the the Tenants Union of NSW has a guest blogger for NAIDOC Week, Aboriginal Legal Officer, Gemma McKinnon. Gemma who has just returned from the World Indigenous People's Conference on Housing reflects on issues in Indigenous Housing.
  • Anita Heiss gets 1st prize for doing the most NAIDOC posts in 2012 as she provides us with another great round-up of events she has attended throughout Sydney. I feel like I'm there!!!
  • Jason Glanville from the NCIE (the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence) in Sydney cleverly uses his NAIDOC post to conclude their Indigenous Innovation series. 
  • One of our newest but oldest bloggers Merv Ah Kee, in his blog Yidinji Man, reminds us that the pride and solidarity shown during NAIDOC week is something that we need to do all year long.  
  • Sandy O'Sullivan sends out some personal cyber-love for NAIDOC week. 
  • And finally Ren on Renoriginal reflects on the celebration of NAIDOC 2012 in the shadow of the passing of Stronger Futures legislation.
It have noted that NAIDOCBlogs 2012 went to the Blues. As a Maroon, I'll definitely be working on that for 2013. And I also need to go hard on promotion to get some more NT, West Coast & Tassie representation happening on the Indigenous blogosphere.

What a fantastic initiative ABC's Radio NAIDOC has been, and thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to the Radio NAIDOC team for their encouragement and support.

Of course, I can't go without mentioning that while NAIDOC Week might be over, Australian Blak History Month is still in full swing. Let's see how many #ABHMBlogs we can get up and out.

Can't wait for NAIDOC 2013. 

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