Thursday, November 29, 2012

We're packin' up and moving

As many of you know, Deadly Bloggers began as a list of links on my own blog. I used to tweet about the list - in the quest to seek out new bloggers as well as to encourage other Murris I knew to start blogging too.

I think I began to use the #deadlybloggers hashtag after a while. But it's a bit long to be really useful.

I then decided to create a blog solely for the Deadly Bloggers list. I wanted to claim deadlyblogs on Blogspot, but it was already taken. I also had a problem buying the domain (can't quite recall what the issue was there). However I was able to claim deadlybloggers.blogspot and I also purchased the domain that same day (not that I've got around to redirecting yet). I also created the Facebook Page, G+ page and the Twitter Account that same weekend.

Slowly the list has grown, from five, to twenty and now to over sixty.

A highlight in the development of Deadly Bloggers was being able to participate in the NAIDOC Radio event this year where we talked about what our bloggers were writing about. It was great to get a few rusty blogs unrusted for the week.

But at sixty blogs, and lots of goodwill generated, I think it's time that we gave ourselves a revamp. So we're moving .... Yes. We're moving to WordPress, to a proper domain, and a few other little bits and pieces that we can afford.

On the new blog, I think I'll  allow bloggers to self-list in the own nominated categories. We will continue to moderate for spam and appropriateness. I should say here, we're not the authenticity police - we don't moderate your identity, but we're definitely still focusing on blogs that are created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, not simply about blackfellas.

I am after feedback about what categories our Deadly Bloggers are falling into. Naturally the list will have to change over time as more and more people sign up. But my list so far includes:

  • Politics, Feminism, Professional, Arts (Literature, Art, Photography), Lifestyle (Relationships, Fashion, Beauty, Music), Business, History, Culture, Personal. 

Can you think of any other categories? Some blogs fall into multiple categories, so it may be useful to allow people up to two or three posts. Eg. I think Anita Heiss's blog would fall into Literature and Professional.  Maybe there are sub-categories perhaps??

Love to hear feedback from folks.