Sunday, March 25, 2012

Deadly bloggers hits 42 blogs after 1 week

Here is my very first video blog. Wish me luck.



  1. Great first video post! Congrats and 42! Not bad for one week in. It'll be great to see that list grow and discover deadly new bloggers!

    1. Thanks Steve!

      Can't wait til the blog is too big for this space...

  2. I love this video... partly cos I get to see you! But also cos it's so spot on... it's such a good thing to be doing to be bringing us all together and I'm heaps grateful for it... and i bet others are too... it IS fabulous! You spurred me on to do the blog... get it working again and I am not stopping... it helps me no end with my research... I wish I had more people going to it, but I'm okay if there isn't that much interest... sometimes thats how these things go. I worry my work is a bit boring, or the info is a bit dull... and so it helps to use the blog to draw out some stuff that is more interesting (I hope).

    You are NOT the worst blogger on the planet... you're one of the best! Your Critical Classroom blog is bloody amazing!

  3. Ha ha.. thanks Sandy. I was that shame doing the video blog, but I did it anyway. I'm glad that deadlybloggers has inspired you to get crackin. And no, your blog isn't boring - it's interesting and thoughtful, and honestly, it's great to get away from Facebook sometimes. The best thing about blogs is that they are your own space that you get to create and that's crazy exciting. Thanks for the comment. We love comments...