Saturday, May 4, 2013

New website

Hi everyone,

We've been talking about migrating to WordPress for ages, and we've finally done it. You can find us at It will take us a while to have everything ironed out, but all new posts will be found there.

Thanks Blogger, you have been (and are) awesome. Blogger is the place to learn about this whole blogging caper.

See you at WordPress

Cheers, Leesa

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Help me subscribe and share your work

I've deliberately not positioned Deadly Bloggers in the "how to blog" market. There are lots of those websites and it's not my intention to become one of them. As a result, I haven't written posts on hints & tips, how to market, grow your audience stuff etc. That said, I feel the need, this lazy Easter Sunday, after just spending twenty minutes attempting to find the URL of one Deadly Blogger, to offer some advice on how to help your audience share your posts.

Let's assume: Your audience wants to share your post. Your audience may love or loathe you, but either way, they want to tell others about your post.

Here are some of the basics -

1. Enable sharing buttons

These are the buttons at the bottom of each post. This lets your audience share individual posts. Why not just give them the URL of your blog? Because the post they may wish to share may have been published months (even years) ago, so the URL of the post will be and not As you keep blogging, you will find that you have posts in your archive that are popular and as your audience grows, this is the one that they may want to share.

2. Tweet

You don't have to become a mad-keen tweeter with tens of thousands of tweets, but do us a favour and at least have a Twitter account that you check at least once-a-week.

Why? Think about it. Where do we "share" your posts? On social media platforms. I would like to be able to simply RT your post rather than wait until I get to my desk, then copy the URL and paste into Twitter (and Facebook and G+). Even if your Twitter presence is a broadcast presence, it's better than nothing. Oh. And make sure you write in your Twitter profile, the URL of your blog*.

3. Have a Facebook Page for your blog

See above. But remember, have a Page and not a PROFILE. I don't really want to be your "Friend", I just want to subscribe to your posts.

4. Have a G+ page for your blog

See Twitter and Facebook above.

5. Enable the subscription widgets/gadgets that are available

You don't know how people will wish to subscribe to your blog. I subscribe using lots of different methods - Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Google+, Google Friend Connect, G+ Follows.

I don't use one method because each blogger has different subscription methods. So, the very least you can do, is to offer up a couple, even if it's just the default ones available on your platform. You don't even have to put them in the sidebar (and fill up all your real-estate), you can often put them in the footer.

6. Start an Email Newsletter

When you're really deadly, offer a weekly or monthly email to your audience. For a lot of the professional bloggers, an email newsletter is one of their key marketing tools. If that's the space you're going to play in, you should give it some consideration. You can sign up to a freemium (free for the basic membership) newsletter service like MailChimp, and see how it works for you.

Behind the scenes, I do get asked for advice, and seem to have a bit of an "advice" column that lives "off-the-wall". If you have any questions, ask away and I'll see if I can help.

Any other subscription methods I should include in this post? Let me know and I'll add them to the list.

* As silly as it sounds, I wouldn't have written this, if it didn't happen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New website - New Information

As I've mentioned before, I'm getting ready to create a new website for The Deadly Bloggers. We'll be moving to WordPress soon. However there is one big difference between what we have now and what I'd like to have in the future.

The "directory" is actually (on this website) a LinkList. Whenever I find a new blogger to add, I go into the list, edit and add new URL.

What I want for the new site is to have individual bloggers list their blogs by completing a form. Each blogger would have their own listing (in an individual post). And I'd like to feature more information than simply the link, with a thumbnail of their latest post.

The type of information I'm thinking about including -

  • Name of Blog
  • URL of Blog
  • Blog logo (if relevant)
  • Category: Education, Personal, Literature, Art, Professional, Sport, Fashion, Health, Technology, Politics, Adult, Craft, Entertainment, Organisation, Business ... (more)
  • Summary of blog (146 characters perhaps)
  • Social Media links - G+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Blogging platform: Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr, Posterous, other
  • Contact name
I know that I may end up losing a few blogs from the list - getting everyone to complete their information will be time-consuming. We will also lose a few of the bloggers who frequent the "bottom" of the list (ie. those folks who start a blog but don't really keep it up-to-date). However I think it will be okay. I think that it will make the directory more relevant and accurate. I'm hoping that we will gain a few more listings that we haven't seen before too.

Remember: the goal of the Directory is about increasing your audience, capturing a new audience, and supporting each other and inspiring other folks to get into the online media sphere.

With that in mind:

1) Can you think of any other information that should be included? I want to try to catch as much information as possible at the outset, rather than try to go back and add it in.

2) What category or categories does your blog fit into? What is missing from my list?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A 52 Week Blogging Challenge

I don't know about you, but I definitely wished I blogged more. I write plenty of posts in my head when I am inspired, but sadly they don't always (I should say - rarely) get converted to text and published. I really wanted to create a challenge, something like ProBlogger's 31 days to a better blog challenge, or the monthly IG photo challenges, to encourage others to get more posts uploaded in 2013. So here goes - a 52 week challenge - 1 post per week for 2013.

If you would like to participate, some things to consider,

  • Remember, posts don't have to be text. They can be also be images, video, music etc 
  • Give your posts the #DB13 hashtag (Deadly Bloggers 2013), at least on Twitter, so we can share it more easily
  • Visit other deadly blogs and add a comment or two - share the love and it will be share with you
  • I've repeated some of the topics so that you can create a number of posts using the same label

Suggested topics
Here are my suggested topics for this challenge. Note, some are "serious" while others are a bit fun. And hopefully they're broad enough to fit as many people as possible.

Here are the topics (52 topics for 52 weeks) -

1. hope & inspiration
2. summer
3. freedom
4. work & play
5. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
6. contribution
7. food for thought
8. relationships
9. work & play
10. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
11. language
12. work & play
13. celebrations
14. learning
15. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
16. living
17. work & play
18. love
19. the past
20. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
21. weekend/s
22. hope & inspiration
23. friendship
24. food for thought
25. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
27. inspiration
28. winter
29. work & play
30. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
31. living
32. celebrations
33. health
34. work & play
35. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
36. make
37. success
38. travel
39. old & new
40. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
41 politics
42. spring
43. rise
44. work & play
45. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
46. summer
47. culture
48. work & play
49. success
50. favourite/s - book/ movie/ music
51. hope & inspiration
52. 2013 &/or 2014

Note: You may not want to participate in the challenge as your site may be a business or brand blog, and not personal. Don't worry, feel free to share something on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram etc. jut make sure you use the hashtag #DB13.

Hope you like the challenge idea. Sorry it's come two days into 2013. Gotta go! I have a blog post to write!

Cheers, Leesa

Thursday, November 29, 2012

We're packin' up and moving

As many of you know, Deadly Bloggers began as a list of links on my own blog. I used to tweet about the list - in the quest to seek out new bloggers as well as to encourage other Murris I knew to start blogging too.

I think I began to use the #deadlybloggers hashtag after a while. But it's a bit long to be really useful.

I then decided to create a blog solely for the Deadly Bloggers list. I wanted to claim deadlyblogs on Blogspot, but it was already taken. I also had a problem buying the domain (can't quite recall what the issue was there). However I was able to claim deadlybloggers.blogspot and I also purchased the domain that same day (not that I've got around to redirecting yet). I also created the Facebook Page, G+ page and the Twitter Account that same weekend.

Slowly the list has grown, from five, to twenty and now to over sixty.

A highlight in the development of Deadly Bloggers was being able to participate in the NAIDOC Radio event this year where we talked about what our bloggers were writing about. It was great to get a few rusty blogs unrusted for the week.

But at sixty blogs, and lots of goodwill generated, I think it's time that we gave ourselves a revamp. So we're moving .... Yes. We're moving to WordPress, to a proper domain, and a few other little bits and pieces that we can afford.

On the new blog, I think I'll  allow bloggers to self-list in the own nominated categories. We will continue to moderate for spam and appropriateness. I should say here, we're not the authenticity police - we don't moderate your identity, but we're definitely still focusing on blogs that are created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, not simply about blackfellas.

I am after feedback about what categories our Deadly Bloggers are falling into. Naturally the list will have to change over time as more and more people sign up. But my list so far includes:

  • Politics, Feminism, Professional, Arts (Literature, Art, Photography), Lifestyle (Relationships, Fashion, Beauty, Music), Business, History, Culture, Personal. 

Can you think of any other categories? Some blogs fall into multiple categories, so it may be useful to allow people up to two or three posts. Eg. I think Anita Heiss's blog would fall into Literature and Professional.  Maybe there are sub-categories perhaps??

Love to hear feedback from folks.

Friday, July 6, 2012

#NAIDOCBlogs done for 2012 and the "Blues" have it.

Wow! What a great week it's been for Deadly Bloggers. So many fantastic #NAIDOCBlogs. I'm really excited about the possibilities that this week has bought in raising the profile of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander blogs to a diverse audience.

Today's NAIDOC posts - 

  • The Brown Couch, which is the official blog of the the Tenants Union of NSW has a guest blogger for NAIDOC Week, Aboriginal Legal Officer, Gemma McKinnon. Gemma who has just returned from the World Indigenous People's Conference on Housing reflects on issues in Indigenous Housing.
  • Anita Heiss gets 1st prize for doing the most NAIDOC posts in 2012 as she provides us with another great round-up of events she has attended throughout Sydney. I feel like I'm there!!!
  • Jason Glanville from the NCIE (the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence) in Sydney cleverly uses his NAIDOC post to conclude their Indigenous Innovation series. 
  • One of our newest but oldest bloggers Merv Ah Kee, in his blog Yidinji Man, reminds us that the pride and solidarity shown during NAIDOC week is something that we need to do all year long.  
  • Sandy O'Sullivan sends out some personal cyber-love for NAIDOC week. 
  • And finally Ren on Renoriginal reflects on the celebration of NAIDOC 2012 in the shadow of the passing of Stronger Futures legislation.
It have noted that NAIDOCBlogs 2012 went to the Blues. As a Maroon, I'll definitely be working on that for 2013. And I also need to go hard on promotion to get some more NT, West Coast & Tassie representation happening on the Indigenous blogosphere.

What a fantastic initiative ABC's Radio NAIDOC has been, and thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to the Radio NAIDOC team for their encouragement and support.

Of course, I can't go without mentioning that while NAIDOC Week might be over, Australian Blak History Month is still in full swing. Let's see how many #ABHMBlogs we can get up and out.

Can't wait for NAIDOC 2013. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not quite a NAIDOC footy match

The NAIDOC Twitter stream was infiltrated by a certain game of football last night with many people dubbing it the NAIDOC State of Origin. (lol)

Today on Deadly Bloggers, we have new posts
As we are now on the home-stretch for NAIDOC 2012, I'd like to reflect on the way in which so much of what is happening in social media for NAIDOC has been driven by local activities. Apart from the ABC and SBS, there is still in 2012, little acknowledgement of NAIDOC week at a national level from mainstream media - and that's both TV and print. But there is still so much going on around the country and social media combined with local print news, demonstrates that NAIDOC is stronger than ever.

But it's important to consider that if I only accessed the major television stations, I'd never know that NAIDOC was happening, but because I'm online, I've found out what's happening in places like - Blacktown, Ballarat, Rockhampton, Fraser Coast, Bunderberg, Manning River, Port Augusta, Bendigo, Toowoomba, Mornington Peninsula, Woolloomoolloo, Geraldton, Cowra, Coffs Harbour, Gladstone, Cumberland, Canberra, Glen Innes, Shepparton.

Don't forget to use the hashtags: #NAIDOC, #NAIDOC2012 and #NAIDOCBlogs